Monday, March 5, 2012

Ombre cake in a jar...sort of

Today I attempted to bake ombre cake in a jar, unfortunately with little success.

Here is a picture of the batter before baking: 

Looks great, right? 

Well, the cakes baked several inches out of the jars & all of the colors blended together.  Lesson learned - fill jars no more than a third to a half of the way & choose drastically different colors for multiple layers. 

In an attempt to salvage the project, I cut each cake cylinder and assembled these mini rainbow cakes in jars: 

And the leftover pieces in least they taste good!


  1. How exactly do you eat the cake jars? Just scoop some out with a spoon?
    Instead of all the icing on top you could do a parfait where you have layers of cake, icing, cake, icing...

  2. Yup - long teaspoons work best :) Good idea about the parfait! That would be pretty!